Vegetables Copy Colour Book for Kids Age 1 -6 Years – Drawing and Painting Book for Early Learners (Copy Colour Books)



It is very difficult to keep young children busy. They have so much energy that parents find it tough to keep them still. A colouring book can come very handy in this scenario. Children love playing with bright colours. A colouring book helps in developing their motor and eye coordination. It improves their learning skills.

The Copy Colour, for vegetables, is an interesting book which young children can find attractive. It has illustrations of vegetables which the child needs to colour. Parents should encouragechildren to colour and draw, as it teaches them to sit still and focus for some time. The illustrations in the book are well designed andteach the children about the various vegetables. The book is ideal for children in play school and primary section.

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copy colour, Colouring Book, colouring for toddlers, colouring book for kidsFinest Colouring Resource for Little Artists

The little ones love to colour and find it very interesting too. Copy Colour Vegetables has amazingly illustrated 16 pages with different vegetables to be coloured. The little artists will find it to be the finest resource for colouring.

Copy colour, colouring book for kids, colouring book for toddlersDelightful Step to Introduce Vegetables

Colouring is a delightful exercise for the little bundles of energy. Learning becomes even more interesting when coupled with this favourite pastime of little artists. This book has 16 different coloured vegetable illustrations with name, which the young artists will copy and colour using their creativity and choice of colouring tool. During this exercise, they will recognise and learn different types of vegetables.

copy colour books for kids, colouring bookEngaging Mode to Develop Crucial Skills

The colouring exercise is not just a pleasant and revered pastime of the little bundles of energy but a mode to develop crucial skills like hand and eye coordination, motor skills, observation skills, patience, creativity etc. These skills form the base of their holistic development. The captivating illustrations are drawn with bold outline and in bigger size so that the budding artists find it easy to colour them.

Paperback‏:‎16 pagesReading age‏:‎1 – 6 years
Item Weight‏:‎81 g
Dimensions‏:‎24 x 18 x 1 cm

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