Story Book for Kids – Moral Stories (Set of 10 Books) (Illustrated)



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Reading stories induces language development in children. Also, as they read stories, they are drawn to a fantasy world, thus allowing them to experience a different world. This encourages them to let their imagination run wild. This set of moral Stories includes ten books with colourful illustrations and has been designed to teach children The importance of developing values. Some of the themes covered in these stories are kindness, hard work, friendship, gratitude, facing difficulties in life and the consequences of lying and being greedy. Introduce children to these moral Stories and let them learn lessons from some of the classic stories like the goose that laid Golden eggs, the Crow and the pitcher, the lion and the mouse, the ant and the Grasshopper, Belling the cat, Pied Piper, the cap seller and the monkeys, the Fox and the Grapes, the Hare and the tortoise, the shepherd boy and many such exciting stories.

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