POSTCARD: Every Life has a lesson



This book is a presentation by Yogita Warde. Yogita Warde is a well-known writer. This is her third book. This book contains a collection of inspirational true stories. The postcard “every life has lesson” is the idea of ​​making this book from our running life, where all people feel the need to inspire. So she wants this “inspirational book” (post card) to reach everyone. Every story in this book will inspire you. This book is an inspiration of life that gives life lessons. It tells how much you have been affected by your life and how many can be influenced by your life. This book contains many author-writers, whose age is between 15 and 42 years. Those who took lessons from their lives and learned a lot, now all of them want to inspire you all with their stories and experiences.
         After reading this book, you should be inspired and be able to do something good in your life, with these hopes keep getting your support and affection for this book.

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