Miniature Paint Brushes, 8 Mini Paint Brushes & Paintbrush Holder, Fine Detail Paint Brush Set for Acrylic Painting & Oil Painting, Miniature Painting Brushes for Paint by Numbers for Adults



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DACOBrushes & Tools

DACOWe offer a beautiful selection of durable art brushes, so that you’ll be definitely able to choose the right set for yourself. Expertly designed with firmly held bristles, which come double crimped with rust-free copper ferrules, our brushes hold the paint exceptionally well and they maintain their shape no matter what, guaranteeing zero shedding, splitting, loose ferrules or stray hairs.

Drawing & Illustration

DACOHandy alternatives to paints and pencils, especially designed for artists passionate about drawing, coloring, illustrating, hand lettering, bullet journal, calligraphy and many other forms of artistic expression, our markers promise to successfully suite your needs and to provide you endless possibilities to create. They come in a variety of vibrant, fade-resistant colors.

Paint & Mediums

DACOMust-have craft supplies for both beginners and professionals, long-lasting, vivid colors that stay as vibrant as they were when painted. The rich pigments offer great covering power for both large areas and fine details. You can blend, layer and mix them, in order to create an array of unlimited shades. The fast-drying formula allows you to layer additional coats or to add other elements to your work right away.

DACODACOOur mission is to bring joy to your art! Produced in factories with over 20 years of experience in the field, our art supplies promise to effectively meet your needs and expectations.

What are we aiming for?

We’re determined to build a strong multinational presence, firmly grounded on three key values: integrity, excellence, respect for people.

What problems are we solving?

We supply artists with the finest tools at the best prices! We’re here to prove that affordable art supplies don’t have to cut corners on quality.

Why do we love what we do?

Because we want to bring people together through creativity and artistic expression!

DACOINTEGRITY – is there something more that builds strong relationships than keeping your word and commitments?

DACOEXCELLENCE – is there something better that can vouch for success than doing the best you can, with all you have, wherever you are? We are determined to be the best in art supplies, investing in our team, our products and our customers.

DACORESPECT FOR PEOPLE – is there something more that can empower people than caring for them and giving them opportunities? This is why we are looking to always be receptive at the needs of our customers, employees and partners, trying to do everything in our power for their success.

DACOThese professional paint brushes are perfect for all kinds of painting surfaces. The paint brush kit includes 16 pieces assorted paint brushes, in different shapes and sizes: flat, filbert, round, liner, angled, fan, comb, silicone flat chisel. Together with these artists paint brushes you also get: 1 painting palette knife, 1 painting sponge and 1 portable paint brush case.

DACOPremium detail mini paint brush set with ergonomic triangular wood handles, super comfortable to paint with for longer periods of time. The handles are well weighted, giving you greater control and precision with no more aching hands or hand fatigue. They come well packaged, inside a compact, handy cardboard brush holder, with a velvet dust bag included, so you can keep things tidy.

DACOComplete long handle artist paint brush set with portable case, includes 16 assorted paint brushes, in different shapes and sizes: flat, filbert, round, liner, angled, fan, bright, silicone flat chisel. Together with these artists paint brushes you also get a portable felt paint brush case enhanced with a breathable design, for dust protection and a handy plastic tube for transportation.

DACOThe alcohol-based ink of this coloring markers dries fast and it doesn’t smudge. This alcohol markers set comes equipped with 79 dual tip markers, a colorless blender, a sketch pad and plastic carry case & pen holder. A broad chisel tip (1-7 mm) for coloring and a fine point (0.7 mm) nib for precise highlighting and underlining, allowing you to easily create various styles, sketches and patterns.

DACOAs simple to use as felt tip pens, but with the finish of a real paintbrush, these watercolor brush pens set are a tidy way to paint! From adult and kids coloring books to freehand painting of landscapes, portraits, and still life pieces, these watercolor markers are as versatile as they are fun! Choose from 48 vibrant colors, paint and use the water pen for advanced watercolor techniques.

DACOThis set includes 60 colors dual tip art markers a carry bag and a handy cardboard box. At one end you get a flexible brush tip (1-6mm) while at the other end you get a ultra-fine tip (0.4mm). Widen your artistic horizons with the dual-tip markers design! Forget about blotchy, uneven coloring. The high-quality ink blends seamlessly so you’ll achieve beautiful coloring effects.

DACOYou get every painting tool you need for watercolor painting inside a single set, so you can start creating right away. There are 48 solid watercolor cakes inside this set, together with a round #4 paintbrush and a refillable water brush. So fill up your water brush, grab your favorite watercolor paper and start painting. Each swipe of your refillable brush will help you create beautiful gradients and bright washes.

This professional fine tip paint brush set includes: 8 thin paint brushes of different shapes and sizes and a dust-proof bag, all inside a cardboard paintbrush holder; the miniature brushes inside this paint brush set are – liner 3/0, round 5/0, 4/0, 3/0, 0 & 2, flat 2 and a curved tight spot 0; each paint brush has the size marked on its handle
Tiny paint brushes with ergonomic handles design: these miniature paint brushes have short, well weighted, sturdy handles made of hardwood, shaped with a flat, triangular finger rest area, which ensures full control, no-slip grip and ease of usage, with little to no hand fatigue; the handle shape also stops the brushes from rolling off the table
Mini paint brushes with high quality bristles: the nylon bristles of these fine detail art brushes provide strength, precision and accuracy; the copper ferrule will stay shiny and it will not rust; the crimp is double, sturdy and durable, ensuring no shedding, splitting or stray hairs
Super versatile fine detail paint brush set: you can use these small detail art brushes for acrylic painting, oil painting, watercolor painting or army paint, for line brush art, paint by numbers for adults, miniature painting, figurines, scale model painting, on stretched canvas, wood, fabric, paper, for rock painting, face painting, nail art or hobby craft
Durable and neat detail paint brush gift set: an ideal present for yourself and for all skill levels artists in your life, from beginners to professionals; any questions about these detail paint brushes? let us know and get a response within 24 hours, tops

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