LET’S RESIN UV Resin,200g High Viscosity Crystal Clear Thick UV Resin Kit, Quick-Curing&Low Shrinkage Ultraviolet Epoxy Resin for Crafts, Doming, Coating




What you will get:
100g Crystal Clear Hard Type UV Resin*2
User Manual*1

Pay Attention:
1. Store in a cool place.
2. Before use, please read the instructions carefully and try a little to master the trial skills and techniques.
3. Do not touch the skin directly and wear protective gloves when using.
4. The surface must be kept clean and dry when bonding.
5. UV resin curing needs to be completed under ultraviolet, please use special UV light.
6. Do not touch with your hand immediately after UV light irradiation, touch after curing and cooling, to avoid scalding and leaving traces.

You may be concerned about:
1. The recommended UV light: 6w above, the higher the wattage shorter the curing time
Wavelength: 365-400nm
2. Curing time: under the experiment, 3-5min under 36WUV light, and extend the time according to the actual thickness.
3. How to eliminate bubbles?
① Heat the bottle before use.
② Invert the bottle for a few minutes before using.
③ Slowly pour out, close to the crafts.
④ Let it sit for a few minutes before irradiation.
⑤ Pick out bubbles with a toothpick or silicone stick.
⑥ Heat UV resin with a heat gun or heating mat.
4. Why is difficult to cure?
①UV Resin is not suitable for large, deep, or opaque molds. If you want to make coasters, trays, or any other object larger than 8cm, UV resin is not what you want. Epoxy resin will certainly do better.
② Provide enough irradiation time.
③ Do not add too much UV resin at one time.
High Efficiency&Safety: The new upgraded UV Resin 2.0 series adopts high quality raw materials, after long-term testing and deployment, and has SGS safety certification. Carefully customized UV glue formula, short curing time, low odor, shrinkage rate lower than 2%, make your crafts more smooth surface, no defects. Hardness up to 90D after curing, excellent stability and scratch resistance. The UV resin kit is perfect for making beautiful necklaces, earrings and pendants.
Crystal Clear&Yellow-resistance: UV epoxy resin with 1.5 times higher refractive index material. Compared with other UV cure resin, is more transparent and has yellow resistance. Leave no trace on the coating, suitable for any transparent material. The crafts surface has a high gloss. It is very ideal for small molds, dried flowers, heat shrinkable sheets, pinched wire sealing layers, and other small areas of a light plane, tiny delicate landscape DIY works.
No Leakage & Custom Caps: LET’S RESIN New UV resin series not only on the performance improved but also on the packaging. Tighter bottle cap, no leakage. And equipped with a customized outlet cap, you can DIY different sizes of outlet holes according to your needs, improve the use of smoothness, fluency, liquid self-leveling, and greatly improve your experience.
Why Choose Us: With years of experience in epoxy resin, LET’S RESIN is committed to providing craft enthusiasts with tools and materials to turn imagination into reality. Strictly control product quality and attach great importance to the consumer experience. UV cure resin has a 1-year shelf life, please read the manual carefully before use. If you have any problems, please contact us. We will do our best to solve it for you to ensure your shopping experience.


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