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Jaishankar Prasad was born on 30 January 1889 in Sarai Govardhan in Kashi. He underwent his basic education in Kashi and later he took lessons in Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu and Persian at his home. He was bestowed with the titles of a poet, playwright and novelist. He died on 15 November, 1937 in Kashi due to tuberculosis. Through the epic book, Kamayani, Prasad throws light upon the Vedic stories of Manu and Shraddha, the first man and woman who survived the deluge that was meant to end the world.Through these characters, the author has tried to express the importance of the intense emotions of a person starting from ‘anxiety’ and ending in ‘bliss.’Kamayani is considered a legendary masterpiece, second only to the great Ramcharitmanas written by Tulsidas.

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