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How does a seed become a Plant? How does a cactus survive without water? This little box is packed with 99 interesting questions along with their answers related to the natural wonders of our planet, Earth. An exciting way to encourage the inquisitive young mind to learn with plenty of guessing and fun.

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A1These flashcards provide a range of information on several topics. They are useful in gaining new information, sharpening existing knowledge, and offer plenty of learning with a healthy dose of entertainment.

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Each card consists of big, bright illustrations and interesting question answers that quickly grasp the attention of a child and makes learning a fun process.

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A1How do penguins survive in cold places?

Penguins are found in cold places like Antarctica. A penguin’s skin is very thick, which protects it from the cold. It also has a blubber that acts as a waterproof shield. The densely-packed feathers of a penguin provide warmth in its cold habitat. Interestingly, emperor penguins have a special habit-thousands of penguins huddle together to stay warm.

What size were the biggest and the smallest dinosaur eggs?

Cats have long hair inside their ears that are called furnishings. Just as ear wax helps protect your inner ear, a cat’s furnishings helps keep dirt out of the cat’s sensitive ear canals.

Why does fruit change colour as it ripens?

New pigments give a fruit different colours as they ripen! A fruit has a different colour when it is unripe. It ripens due to the action of enzymes. When a fruit begins to ripen, the pigments of the fruit undergo chemical reactions and new pigments are made. This makes a fruit’s skin change colour to red, yellow, brown, green, etc.

Why do birds sit on their eggs?

To keep their babies warm! Birds don’t give
birth to young ones but lay eggs that have an embryo inside. The embryo inside the eggs cannot develop if the temperature is less than about 27°Celcius. Mother birds sit on their eggs to provide warmth so that the young ones develop properly inside the eggs. This process of providing warmth to the eggs is called ‘incubation’.

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