Art & Craft Activity Book 1 for Children- Drawing, Colouring and Craft Activity Age 4-10 years



My Book of Art & Craft Part – 1 enables young learners to make a picture by sticking various materials. This book teaches children how to cut and paste and make paintings etc.

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Cherished Hobby of Art & Craft Enlivened

Whether it is in school or at home, the little minds love to cut and paste various objects to create an unique drawing. They love to do this art and craft exercise and thus, learn many things. The little artists will find My Book of Art & Craft Part – 1 to be engaging, fun and creative as it has different entertaining activities.

art and craft, activityPractical and Appealing Art and Craft Activities

The activities require the young learners to paste something on a surface or colour the drawing using hands etc. All the things used in these activities are readily available in home. So, no problem in collecting them or spending a fortune to buy these items. These interesting and easy-to-do activities are paired with complete and easy to follow instructions. It enables the young learners to easily complete the activities. These instructions are the step-by-step guide to complete the activity. After this, an empty space is provided where the little scholars will do the activity, all by themselves.

art and craft, activityCreative Engagement for the Young Minds

While completing these different types of activities, the young minds are creatively engaged in crafting various art pieces and paintings. These activities put to use the minds of young ones, with an aim to develop their creative skills. They learn how to cut and paste, how and where to stick various things etc. This means some of the essential skills like creative thinking, patience, focus etc. are developed through these fascinating art and craft activities.

Publisher‏:‎ Bindass
Paperback‏:‎40 pages
Reading age‏:‎4 – 10 years
Item Weight‏:‎180 g
Dimensions‏:‎28 x 22 x 0.5 cm

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