ABC Play With Sticker Book for Children Age 3 -6 Years (My Sticker Activity Books)



Introduce beginner learners to the letters of the alphabet with this innovative book ‘Play with Stickers – ABC’. This interactive book full of bright stickers of everyday things invites kids to add stickers for each missing alphabet or object. • Perfect for age-group 3-5 • 14 pages including 8 activity pages and 6 sticker sheets • Bright colourful images • Cute cover design This book will help young readers develop creative thinking, hand-eye coordination skills, and build their vocabulary, by finding the missing stickers for each page.

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Sticker activity, activity, sticker bookDelightful First Learning Tool for Toddlers

An ideal tool for a toddler who has just started learning the letters of the alphabet, Play with Sticker – ABC (My Sticker Activity Books) is a delightful and fun way to start learning about the alphabet. Various sticker based activities enable the little learners to learn and remember the concept easily.

Sticker activity, activity, sticker bookMesmerising Activities to Introduce the Letters of the Alphabet

All the activities in this book are quite simple and easily understandable by the toddlers. The letters of the alphabet are introduced in such a captivating manner that the little learners will be glued to the activities and learn everything very easily. Whether it is circling the objects beginning with a specific letter, pasting the correct sticker to match the shadow of the rooster etc. each of the activities apprises the little learners of the letters of the alphabet.

Sticker activity, activity, sticker bookUnique Activities Foster Skill Development

The activities are not the rote type- fill in the blanks, match the following etc. Instead, each of the activity is unique in its own way and aims at crucial skill development of the little scholars. It is in fact, a perfect blend of activities with different difficulty levels. While some of these are quite easy to do like colouring small or capital letters, others are a bit on a higher difficulty level like what comes before or after. But every activity is age appropriate. The little learners will have to don their thinking caps and solve these activities. Whilst doing this, they will develop few crucial skills, such as hand and eye coordination, logical thinking, verbal ability, concentration etc. These skills will aid in the holistic development of the children and form the base of their future learning.

Paperback‏:‎14 pages
Reading age‏:‎3 – 5 years
Item Weight‏:‎90 g
Dimensions‏:‎24 x 18 x 1 cm

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Dimensions 3 × 23 × 15 cm


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