Who Shall Bell The Cat: Illustrated Classic Tales



This story is from the famous Panchatantra Stories for kids.

This is a story of rats and a cat. You have read a lot of stories of rats and cats. But, you will enjoy this story a lot. Let us read the story and see what happens. Do the rats win or does the cat win in this battle?

Not very long time ago, there was a colony of rats. All these rats stayed in a very large house. They were very happy in that large house. They were so happy because that house had a lot of food.

The rats really enjoyed themselves. The whole day, they ate whatever they wanted to eat. They ate and slept. Then they got up, played a little, ate again and then slept again.

The mistress of the house was very tired of these rats. She hated these rats. Whenever the mistress got any food from the market, the rats ate all the food.

Whatever the Mistress cooked, the rats ate half of it. The Mistress tried everything to get rid of the rats. She was sick of threats. Whenever she opened the cupboard, she saw a rat in the cupboard.

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