My Wisdom Book: Everyday Shlokas, Mantras, Bhajans and More



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The book contains shlokas for daily activities—waking up, taking a bath, partaking a meal, before studying and while going to bed. This simple methodology of chanting suitable mantras is the easiest way to pass on the Indian way of thinking to the young ones.

It contains a precious collection of wisdom nuggets for important virtues, like kindness, respect, integrity, perseverance, accountability, love and humbleness.

Each shloka, mantra, bhajan, and wisdom nugget is in the original Devanagari script, alongside with its English transliteration and meaning. This makes the book universally readable by people from around the world.


A Book of Shlokas, Mantras, Bhajans for kids, is unique and different from other children’s books. What is the need for it?

Indian culture is known for its philosophical scriptures, noble ideals, divine chants and holy rituals that are highly revered by scholars around the world. Yet, with growing materialism and individualism in society, Indian parents are experiencing a cultural crisis deeper than ever before. They are struggling to impart the values and beliefs their children need for a good life.

This book is intended as a handy book for adults to introduce the best of Indian traditions to young ones. It serves as a one-stop guide for mantras, shlokas, wisdom nuggets and bhajans. These can be memorised, used for prayer and chanting or be used for guidance and inspiration.


Swamiji, in today’s time it is very overwhelming for children to deal with stress and cope with competition. How do we get them to pause for a moment?

The passion children possess is not wrong; it is merely misdirected. They are unable to decide what is competition-worthy in life. Consequently, they end up burning themselves out in pursuing futile desires that lead to nowhere. The reason is a lack of proper values.

If we wish to empower them with the ability to control their emotions and make good decisions, we must help them build good beliefs. The most effective way for it is to paint the canvas of their minds with inspiring wisdom. This book endows children with the learnings of Indian culture in a nutshell. It conveys the importance of character and virtue for a truly happy personality.


Why do you think chanting shlokas and mantras at an early age helps young ones grow-up as a better human being?

Just like an acorn has the potential of becoming an oak tree, children have the potential for future greatness. Each day parents and teachers make memory deposits in the memory banks of their children.

Powerful verses have been handpicked, in this book, for forging the young ones’ tender personalities. When these shlokas and mantras are recited with the right sentiment, on a daily basis, they will fill children’s hearts with inspiring thoughts and noble ideals.

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