Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet, iPad (Smudge Guard, Two-Finger, Reduces Friction, Elastic Lycra, Good for Right and Left Hand)… (Large, Black)



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Are you a digital artist? Are you tired of all the smudges and smears left all over your working space because of your hands? Looking for an efficient solution that won’t be too heavy on the pocket, yet will allow you to work for long hours at a stretch? Well, this Articka artist glove is the right fit for you then! This iPad artist glove has been made specially for artists who work with screens. It makes the process of drawing, sketching, coloring, inking, and painting much easier by eliminating the hand sticking to the screen. This is possible by covering two of the finger of your working hands (the last two fingers); the ones that come in contact with the screen the most. This ensures that there is no friction between your hand and your working surface. This anti-smudge glove does exactly that! It ensures that you leave no smudges or smears across your screen. The glove protects your hand and also ensures that there is no transference of oils or fingerprints either, leaving you with a clean and smooth computer screen. This glove has been made using high-quality 100% elastic Lycra fabric that will ensure that you have a comfortable working experience. It is also very elastic which is great for artists and is a light and breathable fabric that will allow you to work for long hours. This black artist glove can also be used on either the right or the left hand and is made to fit most hand sizes! Features:

  • For digital artists
  • Allows hand to slide smoothly over the screen
  • Two-finger glove (last two fingers)
  • No smudges or smears on the screen
  • No fingerprints or oils on screen
  • No friction between screen and hand
  • High-quality 100% elastic Lycra material
  • Black colored glove
  • Can be used on right or left hand
  • Free size Package Includes:
    1 x Articka Artist Glove

    MOVE SMOOTH: Artickas two-finger drawing glove is designed for digital artists. Allowing the hand to slide smoothly over the tablet screen and eliminating the friction between the screen and the surface. This lightweight artist glove is made for any graphic tablet: iPad, Wacom, tracing light pad, lightbox, drawing monitors and digital panels. Making the process of sketching, inking, coloring, painting and drawing much more smooth and fluid. Eliminating the hand from sticking to the surface.
    MATERIAL: Articka Glove has been designed with high-quality 100% elastic Lycra which is the best material for elasticity and for ensuring the maximum comfort. Soft, durable, light, and breathable.
    DESIGN: The glove prevents smudges and eliminates the oils that appear on the screen caused by the skin. No palm-touch and fingerprints.
    FLEXIBLE USE: Our artist glove can be used on both right and left hand, suits the average hand size, for both men and women.
    COLOR & MEASUREMENT: The glove is 20 cm (7.9 inch) in length and 8 cm (3.4 Inch) in width. Made from a black elastic lycra.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 3 × 23 × 15 cm


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.