Bindass Art Paint by Numbers for Adults Pink Roses Shrubs Landscapes DIY Oil Painting Abstract Canvas Paintworks with Acrylic Paints, 16 x 20 Inch ( Without Frame)



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We’re young and stylish brand. We focus on manufacturing and designing art. Every paint by numbers designed by us are in high quality, and have a unique and different meaning. Every finished project can be hung on the wall to match different home style. We have professional design team to give you suggestions. Trust us, you will get the best.
1.Stress-reducing: When we are under great pressure,painting it can make us feel relaxed and joyful as it lets our brain and mind have a rest.
2.Great for kids: It could help kids to develop emotion and intellect by practicing painting art.
3.Tolerance and patience improvement: It helps to cultivate our patience and the emphasis on small details through step by step painting.
4.Gifts ideas: It will be a special gift for your family and friends on Christmas, birthday, valentine’s day and mother’s day. The finished project is unique and can be hung on their wall to mark their effort on the painting.
5.Encourage the pursuit of art: It can inspire you to learn about art.
1.Unpack your paint by number kit and get all the accessories out.
2.Unroll the canvas and carefully iron it on high to remove any creases.
3.Lay out the canvas on a flat surface.
4.Prepare a small cup of water and a few paper towels for cleaning brushes.
5.Match each of the numbered paint pots with the pre-numbered area on the canvas.
6.Dip the tip of your paintbrush and cover the numbers with correct color.
1.Go one number at a time to prevent the paints from drying.
2.Start with the darker colors first, then go lighter.
3.Go from top to bottom to avoid smudges made by your hands due to small negligence.
4.Use just the tip to increase the precision of your strokes.
5.Wash the brush if you want to change other color to go to paint another part.

🌺Physical Training: Painting improves cognitive abilities, tolerance, patience. We could not only have a joyful experience, but also achieve a better me during painting.
🌺Easy to paint: It’s easy to follow the instruction to match each numbered blocks with correct colors. Perfect for all ages groups, and best for helping with art studies and practices.
🌺Perfect gifts: Paint by numbers is a funny and relaxing activity. It is a decent gift for your family and friends. The finished project can be a memory of self-achievement on their wall.
🌺Package included: 1 pcs high quality canvas with high definition pre-printed texture art(without frame), 1 set bright acrylic paints, 2 sets metal hooks and screws and soft nylon brushes in 3 sizes, reference photo.

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